Project 2012 | Graphic design on walls | Amsterdam . Berlijn . Oaxaca . Mallorca

Jan van der Ploeg | Studio Mel


Project 2008 | Graphic design | Imagination

Skyscrapers | Studio Mel

Project 2015 | Product design | Fashion

Weber Fever | Studio Mel


Project 2014 | Interaction design en Visual design | Mobile Application

Lakeside | Mobile app | Studio Mel

This is my first mobile app design. Just for fun now. After this one I want to make more mobile designs. I started with drawing a sketch in Illustrator. That turned out to be the mountains and lake. Then I just thought it would be fun to try a mobile app design. I did look often to many designs on Béhance. The name Lakeside just came up in my mind and the concept followed. The name Lakeside has something romantic like a holiday feeling. There is nothing better then to close your eyes and remember your last holiday. Experiences that bring up a memory trigger me. I really like that the design is a long stroke. As I said this was for fun. It took me one and a half day. If you have any tricks or tips, please let me know. And yes of course you may appreciate my first mobile design.